James Hardie Magnolia Birch Tree: The Perfect Creamy White Siding Color

james hardie magnolia birch tree

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Looking for real life photos of homes with James Hardie Magnolia Birch Tree siding?

Today I’m sharing our all new Magnolia Home collection James Hardie siding up close

​When building a house, it’s SO hard to picture exactly what your home will look like at the end.

Often times we second guess every decision we make! 

I hope that seeing our Magnolia Collection siding helps you nail down your selections choice for your home’s siding.

Let’s get started…

James Hardie Statement vs Magnolia

What is the James Hardie Statement Collection?

In short, this collection is made up of their most popular colors that are always stocked. 

From whites to grays to tans to blues, one of these timeless colors will work for most people.

Recently, James Hardie introduced both the Dream Collection and the Magnolia Collection by Joanna Gaines.

The Magnolia Collection is a new collection filled with many color options like trending green tones and soft neutrals.

The biggest difference between the two is that the Magnolia Collection is only available via special order

Because of this, the Magnolia Collection will cost you at least 30% more than the standard colors in the James Hardie Collection. 

Want to see a hard example? 

I’m sharing the exact costs we received while purchasing our siding below! 

james hardie siding creamy white

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James Hardie Magnolia Cost

It goes without saying, but siding costs are going to wildly vary by your zip code, region and timing of purchase. 

​So when it comes to pricing out home exteriors, please seek out your own free estimate, as truly bids may vary. 

James Hardie Siding Cost: Statement Collection

Here is our bid for James Hardie shingle siding in the Artic White color of their statement collection. 

Artic White is a nice, crisp white color that to me screams Modern Farmhouse. 

For our home renovation, I was looking for something more unique! 

That’s when I decided to dive into the bigger variety of colors offered in the Dream Collection and Magnolia Collection. 

if you can stick within the Statement Collection though, you’ll save a ton of money! 

james hardie siding cost statement collection

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James Hardie Magnolia Cost

Unfortunately I fell in love with the color James Hardie Magnolia Birch Tree. 

I say unfortunately because this color cost us 30% more – increasing from $20K to $30K for Hardie board on our house.

For reference, our home is 3,400 sq ft and located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. 

Note:  James Hardie sells a product called “primed siding” which is essentially sold to you primed and ready to take the paint color of your choice. 

We considered this option, but due to the cost of the initial painting labor, plus having to pay to repaint the siding every 5-10 years, we felt that we would end up paying the same amount down the road anyway. 

Therefore we splurged for the Magnolia collection siding upfront, to avoid the extra effort and painting costs in the future. 

james hardie magnolia cost

Creamy White Siding: Why James Hardie Magnolia Birch Tree is The Perfect Choice

If you’ve spent hours and hours looking for the perfect creamy white paint color for your home’s exterior, look no further because the James Hardie Magnolia Birch Tree color is the perfect shade! 

Initially, I thought we would be doing an all creamy white brick exterior – I just love its timeless look and how it continues to stand the test of time. 

However, we quickly found out we couldn’t afford the price tag of brick and masonry labor. 

​This is what brought us to do a mix of brick, Hardie plank lap siding, and Hardie shingle siding. 

I chose the Cedarmill finish over the Smooth finish for a more realistic look to wood siding. 

Plus, in the end, the mix of a variety of siding styles gives the home a fresh look! 

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Exterior Inspiration Photos for Our Home

I’ll leave you with some of my biggest exterior inspiration photos for our home…

creamy white brick home

Source: One Kin Design

creamy white exterior with taupe

Source: Dwelling Architecture

arched front door home exterior

Source: Studio McGee

Last but not least, here’s ours!

What do you think?!

arched front porch ivory brick


james hardie magnolia siding cost

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