How Much We Really Spent on Our Panel Ready Appliances [It’ll Shock You]

paneled refrigerator freezer

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You’ve fallen in love with the look of hidden kitchen appliances, but you’re wondering how much they really cost?

Today I’m sharing the exact amount we paid for our panel ready refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher!

Obviously these costs will vary based on the appliance brand/size you choose, as well as the cabinetry brand and installation costs which will vary by region.

Either way, I thought it would be helpful to give you our paneled appliance cost so you can ballpark yours!

Here it is…

  • The appliance cost of our built-in refrigerator and freezer was $13,280
  • The cabinetry panels cost was $6,967
  • The installation cost of the panels and crown was $1,450

That brings the combined total cost of our paneled fridge and freezer to $21,247!

Yikes! I know it sounds bad, but if you have the money, I don’t regret it for one second.

Let’s dive into what brand + model appliances we have, as well as why we’re so in love with them!

Let’s get started…

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paneled refrigerator and freezer

Breakdown of the Cost of our Cabinet Panels

Let me preface this with the fact that we added our panel refrigerator and freezer into a partially existing kitchen.

So we had to match the existing cabinets that were already there, since I liked the color I wanted to keep them.

Turns out that cabinetry line – Wood Mode Brookhaven – is very high quality but also very expensive.

When we were shopping for appliances, I remember asking the person doing the rest of the cabinets for our house how much the panels for these built in appliances would cost.

I distinctively remember her saying “a few hundred dollars”. Except, she didn’t actually sell the Wood Mode Brookhaven cabinetry line.

Due to excessive wait times for appliances, I had already ordered my panel ready Monogram appliances before I got a quote for the panels.

I was completely shocked when I saw the invoice, but at that point we were stuck and had to pay whatever they cost.

Below is the cost breakdown, including the trim & crown required, as well as the dishwasher panel.

refrigerator panel cost

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Where We Got Our Built In Appliances

We purchased our built in appliances from our local Ferguson showroom.

Ultimately we went with Monogram appliances because we had heard they were as great as Sub Zero but at a lower cost.

Sub Zero also doesn’t have a trade program, but Monogram does. So while the list price of each of the Monogram columns was $8,500, we were able to purchase them for $6,640.

Getting the appliances themselves for that lower price was the #1 determining factor for our decision!

The same size panel ready column refrigerator from Sub-Zero was $9,305 – times two of course to get the column freezer.

cream and white oak cabinets kitchen

Monogram Appliance Model Numbers

Here are the model numbers of the exact Monogram panel ready appliances we purchased:

  • 30″ Refrigerator: GZIR301NPNII
  • 30″ Freezer: GZIF301NPNII
  • 24″ Dishwasher: GZDT925SINII

Custom Cabinetry Panel Details

If you’re wondering the details of our custom cabinet panels, here are those details as well:

  • Cabinetry Brand: Wood Mode
  • Cabinetry Line: Brookhaven
  • Cabinetry Color: Nordic White
  • 18″ Appliance Pulls: Aged Brass color from Rejuvenation
brass appliance pulls panel ready refrigerator

Are Our Panel Ready Appliances Worth It?

If you can afford them, 100% yes!

Even if it’s a splurge for you, I can honestly say they are one of my favorite parts of our home renovation.

I still smile every time I walk past them!

From the streamlined design to finally not having to look at gawdy stainless steel, custom cabinetry panels are straight up gorgeous to look at.


paneled fridge cost

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