How to Design Your Mudroom with Lockers [Perfect Dimensions Included]

taupe mudroom cabinetry

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Looking to add mudroom lockers to your home?! 

Sometimes the hardest part of designing a space is not knowing simple answers like standard locker widths or the best type of wood to use for the top of the bench. 

That’s why today, I’m sharing all of the details and dimensions of our mudroom cabinetry with you! 

So if you’re looking for the perfect mudroom design, you’re in the right place. 

Let’s get started…

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mudroom cabinets with doors

Thought Process for our Mudroom Design

Open mudroom cubbies vs closed cabinet doors

If you’re about to renovate or create a mudroom of your own, then you know the biggest debate is whether to do an open cubby or closed cabinet doors.

Thankfully, I was extremely set on having cabinet doors and I’m happy to report I don’t regret that decision one bit! 

If you’re one who can’t stand to see a mess like me, then putting doors on to hide the mess was extremely important.

​Ample shoe storage 

Having an extra large shoe drawer was also a must for our family! 

The original interior drawer size that was semi-custom from the cabinetry company was very small height-wise. 

I measured it out and each person’s drawer would have only fit 3 pairs of shoes. Not good enough! 

I know my family, and we always have a massive pile of shoes that previously set out in the garage. 

None of us tend to store shoes in our bedroom closets… so ample shoe storage was a must!

Therefore, I did custom shoe drawers at an extra cost, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Crown molding for a custom look

If you want the built-in lockers look, then adding crown molding at the top will give you that wow factor!

With any cabinetry, taking them to the ceiling will draw your eyes up when you walk into the room.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about dusting on a ladder up there! 

Long, big handles that are easy to open

mudroom lockers

​Sometimes choosing hardware can make you a little crazy! 

I went with long, big handles that are very easy to open for both us adults and my children. 

For our shoe drawers, I ordered a cup pull sample and tested it out – there really was no difference in ease of opening those. 

Mixing the types of hardware you use is very popular right now, and I prefer the look over everything looking uniform! 

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Open upper shelves for storage baskets

This choice was mostly for design purposes! 

I could have put a storage basket on the top shelf inside the mudroom lockers, but aesthetically, I think it looks much nicer to have the top area open for contrast. 

Actual Dimensions of our Mudroom Lockers

If you’re looking for ideas for building or renovating your mudroom, I thought it would be helpful to share our layout drawings with you so you can see exact dimensions!

Here’s the front view of our mudroom cabinetry:

mudroom with lockers dimensions

Then here is the aerial view of it as well, which shows the depths of our lockers and the wood bench seat as well…

mudroom layout drawing

Everyone in our family has their own mudroom lockers, and we’re a family of four.

The top of the lockers has an 15″ open space where I’ll eventually put some pretty baskets that can store seasonal items!

The entire unit is 89″ long – this is the one dimension you can’t just go with – it will depend on the amount of wall space you’re working with.

You can just add additional cubbies or subtract them to fill the amount of wall space you have available.

Our custom shoe drawers are 19 1/2″ high and 20″ wide – look at how many pairs of shoes I can fit in there!

mudroom shoe drawer

Our wood bench seat is 1 1/2″ thick and 22″ deep.

I can comfortably sit on the seat to put on my shoes while the cabinet door is open.

If I have the cabinet door closed, then I can still sit on the seat and get my shoes on but I’m kind of half off the seat.

Inside of each of our mudroom cubbies, we have two sets of double hooks that so there’s plenty of room for hanging multiple coats, purses, etc. 

organized mudroom locker

Design Sources for our Mudroom Cabinetry

One of the hardest parts about planning a project is selecting cabinet colors, hardware, etc.

Below is a list of all of our mudroom sources in hopes it will help you design yours!

  • Cabinetry Brand: Fieldstone
  • Cabinetry Color: Stone
  • Bench Seat Brand: Signature
  • Bench Seat Type: Wood: Maple, Stain: Irish Cream
  • Hardware Brand: Rejuvenation
  • Hardware Color & Type: Aged Brass, 10″ Pulls and 4″ Cup Pulls

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Final Words

Seriously, our mudroom has become the drop zone for our family and I am so grateful to have this space to hide the mess! 

At our last house, there physically was not a space to put a mudroom, and it really is the little things that make our current home perfect for our family. 

Our mudroom is our main throughway because you enter it through our garage and it’s attached o our laundry room.

I’ve slowly trained my kids to put their stuff away when they get home from school, so I try to keep it as much of an organized mudroom as possible. 

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