A Light Blue Home Office: Dishing on Design and Paint Colors

light blue home office design

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Looking for some light blue home office inspiration?! 

Today I’ve got something exciting for you. 

I’ve tried many, many paint samples to find the perfect dusty blue paint color, and I’m ready to share it with you! 

We’re also going to cover some other beautiful examples of blue home office design ideas. 

As more and more people are leaving the traditional 9-to-5 place of business, many of us are looking to create our own home office with lots of storage.

As it turns out, shades of blue are quickly becoming one of the most popular colors to use. 

Likely because coastal home design is rising in popularity!

Ready to create the light blue home office of your dreams? 

Let’s get started! 

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Our Light Blue Home Office Paint Color

light blue home office

Let’s start with our light blue home office paint color – it’s Benjamin Moore Slate Blue 1648

I tried many, many paint samples and this one was the perfect dusty blue color I was looking for! 

It doesn’t look as light as pastel blue, but it’s a beautiful light blue that shows no undertones if you have lots of natural light. 

Remember: It’s really important to consider how much natural light your work area gets when choosing your paint colors. 

Always, always buy and try paint samples before fully committing to a color! 

The paint color card never looks like it does in your own home.

blue home office

More of our Favorite Blue Home Office Examples

There are SO many different shades of blue to choose from.

Let’s look at these next few ideas for your home office space! 

1. Benjamin Moore Heather Blue

blue heather benjamin moore

Source: Kate Knowles Home

If you’re looking for lighter tones of blue, Heather Blue by Benjamin Moore may be a great color for you! 

We love the home office layout of this one, particularly how the desk is placed under a window.

Rather than use a traditional rolling office chair, this designer opted for a standard chair with a bit more personal style. 

2. Benjamin Moore Bachelor Blue

blue paint colors cabinetry

Source: Bria Hammel Interiors

Here’s another shade of the color blue – Benjamin Moore Bachelor Blue is a fun color palette for your work space! 

While the built in desk is on the smaller side, it certainly has plenty of surface space for your work hours. 

We love this display of vintage art, decorative accents and her book collection.

3. Farrow and Ball Light Blue

blue built ins

Source: Oak Design Project

Blue gray paint colors are rising in popularity – it’s versatility makes Farrow and Ball Light Blue a perfect choice for something in between.

It’s got a calming effect and is one of the more cool colors we’ve looked at today. 

We’re also loving the minimalistic, modern look of this home office decor. 

4. Farrow and Ball Pigeon

blue office decor

Source: Life on Cedar Lane

What’s Inside of These Blue Built ins

​When designing your home office, function is just as important as the color scheme.

Consider what you need to store overall and find ways to hide anything unsightly.

1. Make Room for Filing Drawers

filing drawers home office design

Get organized and take control of your loose papers!

We love the addition of these built in filing drawers to stay organized and keep these out of sight.

2. Hide Your Printer

hidden printer home office design

Keep your desk space clear and always looking pretty!

Hide your printer in a standard cabinet next to your desk space.

You can either pull it out when you want to use it OR drill a very small cord hole in the side of the cabinet so the cord reaches just into your outlet.

3. Include Junk Drawers

Everyone has the need for a junk drawer!

Ours is filled with paper pads, pens, mail that needs to be actioned, gift cards and more.

Your clear desk space will thank you!

light blue office

Blue Office Design Details

In addition to choosing your light blue paint color, there are lots of little details you’ll want to focus on to make your home office truly special.

1. Cabinet Hardware

brass cup pull cabinet hardware office

Everyone’s preference of cabinet hardware is going to be different.

Right now I am loving the look of satin brass cabinet hardware mixed with light blue!

These gorgeous cup pulls are sturdy enough for our heavy filing drawers.

2. Accent Lighting

brass office lighting

Accessorize your home office with accent lighting for the evenings.

Totally obsessed with the scallop detail on these brass wall sconces!

3. Office Chair

upholstered office chair with casters

You’ll want to choose a functional yet stylish office chair!

Our home office needed some texture to it – so these upholstered, rolling chairs worked perfectly.

Final Words

We hope you loved these beautiful examples of blue home office ideas! 

Not only did these designers nail the small details, but these are practice spaces, too. 

Whether you’re just choosing a cabinetry color or designing an entire room, we hope these examples of different colors helps you in the creative process.

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