9 Designer-Approved Coastal Bedroom Ideas to Steal

coastal bedroom decor ideas

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Looking for some beautiful, coastal bedroom ideas to incorporate in your home?

If so, you’re going to love the blue accents, sandy tones, and natural textures of our recently completed bedroom. 

I was looking to create the perfect white coastal bedroom and honestly… I think I nailed it! 

I wanted a mostly white color scheme with soft blues and warm, neutral colors. 

Ready to dive into this coastal design of mine? 

Let’s get started…

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Decorating Ideas for Your Coastal Bedroom

​One of the most difficult parts of designing a space and pulling it all together is the colors and actually finding the right decor. 

Let’s dive into my top ten decorating ideas for your coastal bedroom…

1. A Blue Slipcovered Bed

coastal bedroom ideas

I knew I wanted to incorporate soft shades of blue, so when I saw this slipcovered blue bed I knew it was the perfect anchor piece for my master bedroom! 

My whole design started with this bed and I love the visual interest it brings as soon as you walk in. 

The slipcover gives the space a relaxed feel, just as the coastline brings us a sense of relaxation! 

2. A Rope End of Bed Bench

coastal bedroom decor

End of bed benches are purely for style, not really for function.

What I love about them though is their ability to incorporate elements that are the opposite of the bed behind it. 

Meaning if you have a white or cream bed… you can use the bench to contrast that with something darker! 

Think rope accents, natural woods and even a comfy cushion like on mine

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3. Cozy Yet Light and Airy Bedding

beach bedroom ideas

I’ve always been a huge fan of white bedding! 

One… because you can regularly bleach them to keep everything looking fresh.

Two… because it makes the room feel so light and airy! 

In design it’s always important to add layers of texture, so find yourself a comfortable knit throw like mine or quilt to pull everything together. 

4. Comfy Linen Curtains

nautical bedroom

Window treatments are obviously crucial for keeping out light while you’re sleeping, but I like to say they’re also the jewelry of the room! 

We already had our woven shades for light blockage, but adding these comfy linen curtains really softened and completed the space. 

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5. A Contrasting Vintage Style Rug

seaside bedroom

When you’re trying to create a space that feels like the tranquility of the beach, you also want organic elements throughout. 

Everything in our bedroom was very light in color, so I knew I needed a contrasting color rug. 

This taupe vintage style rug was absolutely perfect! I love the subtle pattern it has. 

6. Woven Nightstands

coastal bedroom

When I think of coastal decor elements, the first things that come to mind are rattan, woven and cane materials! 

I fell in love with these woven nightstands thanks to their coastal vibe. 

They give a pop of warmth against my crisp white walls! 

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7. Woven Shades

beach bedroom

Our entire home is painted white with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace so when I was selecting my window treatments for our entire home I knew I wanted something with a warm, coastal feel.

​We installed these as soon as we moved back in after our renovation, so every room’s design started with these woven shades! 

8. A Sophisticated Floor Mirror

master bedroom decorating ideas

Believe it or not… you CAN go overboard with things like rattan, cane and woven things!

After my window shades and nightstands went in… I started to realize I had A LOT of beige in the space.

It was at that point I knew I wanted to throw in something more feminine and this brass floor mirror was just what I needed! 

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9. Stylish Bedside Lamps

cozy master bedroom

With the invention of recessed lighting, the use of lamps has definitely decreased.

I’m one to love soft lighting though, so these white, simple lamps were a great addition. 

Lamps will also give your bedroom a designer-inspired feel! 

At first I thought about doing fun, pastel lamps for a pop of color but honestly I was really feeling the soothing color palette I have going on.

Who knows… I may swap those out in the future if I get the itch for something different! 

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Final Words on my Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Your master bedroom should be both a sanctuary for you and a reflection of your interior design style. 

​Our coastal themed bedroom is one of my favorite spaces in our house! 

The only thing I am still missing is a piece of coastal bedroom decor for above our bed and then we still need a dresser.

Here’s the wall art I’m thinking and well as the dresser we plan to get! 



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