7 Easy Entryway Decorating Ideas to Implement Today

entryway decorating ideas

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Looking for some easy entryway decorating ideas?! 

‚ÄčIf so, you’re going to love this list of design ideas to make your entryway a welcoming space! 

We recently finished a full home renovation, so I’m excited to show you every nook and cranny of my somewhat small foyer in our home.

Whether you’re working with a smaller space or a grand foyer, there’s something for everyone…

Let’s get started! 

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foyer decorating ideas

Entryway Decorating Ideas You Need to Know

When guests enter your front door, you want your entryway to make a great first impression! 

One thing to consider though is whether you have another entrance into your home such as through the garage and a mudroom area.

If you don’t, you may need to make your entryway a more functional space! 

If you do have another entrance, then your home’s entryway will likely be more for show and giving guests a warm welcome when they come in. 

Let’s dive more these seven entryway decorating ideas below…

1. Anchor Your Entryway with a Durable Area Rug

entryway rug

First and foremost, entryway rugs need to be durable and able to stand up to regular foot traffic! 

Having one really anchors the whole space and is a great place to incorporate color, contrast or a fun pattern into the space. 

For example, our flooring is very light and similar to white oak wood. So our foyer really needed a darker, contrasting rug to make it pop! 

I’ve got it running under the furniture legs for a tied-together look.

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2. Use Lighting Proportionate to the Width of Your Hallway

decorating ideas for small foyers

One design flaw I see often is choosing a light fixture that is way too small for the space! 

Your lighting should be a focal point of your entryway, so scale is extremely important. 

For a proportionate look, I like to source lighting that’s around 1/3 the width of your foyer or entryway. 

Here’s an example: 

Our hallway is 7 ft wide which is 84 inches – divided by 1/3 that’s 28 inches wide. 

The chandeliers I chose are 31″ wide, fitting right in with the perfect size. 

When calculating the max height of your lighting, that will vary by your foyer’s ceiling height. 

In general, the rule of thumb is to hang your lighting with 7 feet of clearance clearance underneath at any ceiling height. 

Obviously if you have 9 ft, 10 ft or higher ceilings, you’ll have much more room to play with! 

For 8 ft ceilings, that rule would only allow for 12 inches height, but I like to push that a little bit and go up to 16 inches height. 

3. Fill Floor Space with a Functional Bench for Seating

entryway bench with cushion

A great way to fill floor space in your foyer is with a cushioned bench

Not only does it look pretty, but it also has a practical purpose, like a place for you to set down while putting on shoes etc.

In our entryway, it’s also center stage of my entire design! 

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4. Fill Large Wall Space with Artwork, Photos or a Mirror

entryway decor ideas

What better way to make your entryway feel grand then by filling up large wall space with artwork, framed photos or a mirror! 

I knew I wanted a BIG gallery wall for above my bench, so these oversized square frames are a real show stopper. 

5. Decorate an Empty Corner with a Faux Plant

entryway design ideas

Decorating awkward, empty corners can always be tricky. 

My favorite way to fill these small spaces is with faux plants! 

If you have the space, you can do a tall tree like this one or even a smaller potted plant on top of a decorative stool. 

You could also consider doing a tall, small table with a decorative bowl for keys etc. 

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6. Pull It All Together with the Small Details

foyer console table and decor

Design Source: Leann Benjamin

Whether you have an entryway table, bench seating or just a small corner… every great design is in the small details! 

Here’s where you can really show off your home’s personality and personal style…

  • Throw Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Baskets
  • Vase with Tall Stems
  • Lamps
  • Candles
  • Decorative Boxes
  • Poufs

‚ÄčThe overall style of my home is light and airy meets coastal, so I knew I wanted a pop of baby blue to stand out against my white walls and neutral color palette. 

This striped pom pom pillow worked perfectly and is super affordable!

7. Consider the Necessary Function of Your Entryway

foyer design layout

Design Source: Linsey Dawn Interiors

If the space you are decorating is the primary and sole entrance to your home, you may want to consider building a drop zone.

Think a hall tree, hooks with a wooden bench underneath and/or an entryway table that serves a place you can drop you things on when you enter!

Initially I wanted to put two console tables on both sides of my French doors, but unfortunately the width of the space available just wasn’t wide enough to fit them.

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Final Words on Decorating Your Foyer or Entryway

We hope you love these easy entryway decor ideas…

What you can or can’t include really depends on how much space you have.

Incorporate as many as you can, and you’ll create a truly welcoming entryway! 


entryway decor ideas

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