10 Simple Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas [You’ll Want to Copy]

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Looking for simple small bedroom decorating ideas that you can implement today? 

Today I’m excited to share with you our recently completed guest bedroom!

It’s a small space that thankfully gets a ton of natural light, so I’ve turned it into an inviting space to host guests. 

If you’re looking for some creative ways to decorate a small bedroom, this post is for you! 

From nightstand decor to color schemes to bedding, we’re covering it!

Let’s get started…

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10 Small Bedroom Design Ideas for Your Home

Whether you’re planning a bedroom makeover or starting from scratch, here are my ten small bedroom decorating ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

1. Anchor the room with a rug

small bedroom decorating ideas

Every great design starts with a beautiful area rug that anchors the whole room. 

When you’re deciding what size rug to purchase, consider the size of the bed as well as the width of the room.

For example, the available wall to wall space for our bedroom furniture was only 9 1/2 ft wide, so the max rug size we could fit with enough room on both sizes was a 5×8 ft rug. 

Ideally I would have have been able to fit an 8×10′ rug for depth of the room, but we were limited in the floor area we had. 

We love the vintage-inspired hand knotted rug we chose… it’s become the focal point in an otherwise all neutral room! 

2. Find some beautiful table lamps for both decor and additional lighting

bedroom simple design ideas

When you’re dealing with smaller bedside tables, you have limited room to decorate with. 

Always incorporate table lamps in your design because they double as both decor AND additional soft lighting! 

​I’m totally obsessed with these wood ball lamps that are appropriately sized for the amount of surface area I had. 

Anything larger would have looked disproportionate! 

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3. Prioritize any windows in the room

small room design ideas

A large window with lots of natural light can really give you the illusion of space! 

Originally this was a small egress window, and we prioritized making it much larger for that reason.

Whatever size window your small room has, please do not block it with any furniture! 

I often see bedroom designs where the headboard is partially blocking the window.

Instead, re-arrange your furniture layout to prioritize the window so it remains unblocked.

We opted for these pretty woven shades for window treatments or you can of course do blackout curtains as well. 

Just make sure you hang any curtain rods wide enough so that the curtains never block the window when open! 

4. Show off your personal style through nightstand decor

nightstand decor ideas

Decor for your nightstands is quite possibly the hardest to pull off, but it’s also a great way to inject your own personal style into a room.

​I knew for our guest room I already had an all neutral palette, so when I was shopping for decor elements I wanted some things with a pop of color! 

This pastel blue ginger jar spoke to me and I paired it with some pretty peach faux florals

A decorative dish for you or your guests to put your rings in is always welcoming! 

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5. Think functional, not cluttered

bedroom designs for small bedrooms

​When you’re working with limited space, everything in your small bedroom design should really be FUNCTIONAL, so the room remains uncluttered and gives you the illusion of more space.

In our case, this rope end of bed bench really is both beautiful AND functional.

When our guests visit, they need a place to set their open luggage bag down on. 

I for one HATE when I have to keep my luggage down on the ground and crouch down to get things.

Think through how you or your guests will use the room and design accordingly. 

For example, if you have a small master bedroom, you want to ensure you have enough storage space! 

​You may want to choose an end of bed bench that has storage and a lid on top to keep it hidden. 

Since this is our guest room, storage wasn’t really a concern.

6. Create a space where you can sit down

small bedroom remodel ideas

Even in smaller bedrooms, if you have enough space for a place to sit down, definitely put one! 

I love having a chair in my bedroom to sit down on when I’m putting on shoes. 

It’s also an easy way to decorate an otherwise empty, boring corner! 

This chair in our guest room is actually an extra chair for our dining room, in case we ever need it.

In the mean time, it’s working double duty here!

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7. Make the room look larger simply with paint


When it comes to small bedroom decorating ideas, sometimes it’s something as simple as the wall color you use.

Doing white walls can really make a small room feel much bigger! 

The ceiling height in this bedroom is even lower than 8′ due to the angled Cape Cod style ceiling. 

So it was a high priority for me to ensure it still felt light and open! ​

We opted to use Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace in our guest room, if you need a suggestion on paint colors to use.

​Dark, moody colors are trending right now but in a small space like this… it would make the room feel so much tinier! 

8. Elevate the overall look of the room with a console table

small bedroom decor ideas

Maybe you have the perfect place for a console table… or maybe there’s just no place for one in your tiny bedroom! 

In our case, our stairwell opens up into the room right into a wall and you have to turn to get walk into the actual bedroom space.

It was great extra space I could use to decorate a bit more! 

I paired this 36″ open console table with a pretty art print and a large vase.

9. Make a smaller room feel bigger with open nightstands

small nightstand decor ideas

If you’ve got limited space on the side of the bed, make sure you choose nightstands that are small enough to avoid touching the wall. 

Also, don’t opt for closed nightstands… they will make the room feel very clunky! 

We love these open spindle nightstands that still have a functional drawer for storing personal items.

10. Layer bedding for a cozy look

small bedroom ideas

​Just because you’re working with a compact room… doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it to the nines and make it feel cozy! 

Layer bedding like a duvet, quilt, throw pillows etc for a hotel-like, luxury feel. 

Final Words

I hope you loved these simple yet easy-to-implement small bedroom decorating ideas! 

I swear… sometimes you just need a little inspiration to help you in the design process.

Seeing other small bedroom layouts and the different ways they were able to maximize space can be really valuable! 

Due to our angled ceilings, we weren’t able to incorporate a lot of wall art or do an accent wall, but those are other fun design elements you can add to make a huge impact. 

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